Noisette Pastry Kitchen

Noisette Pastry Kitchen opened its doors in October 2012 at Broadway and Charnelton by Tobi Sovak and Michael Landsberg.  It is a small pastry shop located in the heart of downtown competing with the most well-known pastry shop in Eugene, Sweet Life Desserts.  For having such a highly known competitor, I think Noisette Pastry Kitchen is doing a great job holding its own through its promotional strategies.  Its features online, through social media, and on YouTube have helped them established a well-known name in Eugene.


For it’s opening on October 5, 2012, Noisette received publicity from several different media outlets including ABC News KEZI.  The news station gave a brief description explaining where its location is and what will be served.  KEZI also informed the public that the owners of this new pastry shop are the previous pastry chefs at King Estate and Eugene’s Marche.  Even though the article was brief, being featured on local news is an excellent form of media coverage.

Noistte Pastry Kitchen also had a feature article in the Eugene Weekly.  The article gave background on the owners and along with pastries; salads and sandwiches will be served.  The owners also made a point to keep the prices of their products low, especially because they are located in a college town.  The article in Eugene Weekly really highlights the good aspects of Noisette Pastry Kitchen.  I imagine that the article only brought in good business, especially since the article was posted right before Valentine’s Day.  I think it was a great strategic move to have the article published right before Valentine’s Day because in the article the owner mentions an event happening on February 22 for Brides on Broadway.  The owner not only got the pastry shop’s name out there but also promoted an event simultaneously.

A YouTube video was also made about Noisette Pastry Kitchen from two customers who visited its location.  Even though it was not a professional made video that Noisette paid for, I think this still works in the favor of the pastry shop.  The entire video the two girls rave about all the foods they tried and the “hipster” environment.  Even though the video was not paid for by Noisette I thought this was excellent exposure for the pastry shop.  Having customers make a video raving about the food they tried at the pastry shopped is great, free promotion.


Noisette Pastry Kitchen also has a pretty active Facebook page.  Those in charge of running the social media for Noisette posts pictures frequently, informs followers of any change in working hours, and any upcoming events.  Facebook is a great tool for small businesses to use to connect with its customers and potential customers.  The Facebook page has a widget of reviews from those who have visited the pastry shop, mostly consisting of rave reviews.  The small pastry business, I think, is utilizing Facebook very well and getting its brand out to the public through social media affectively.

For being such a small pastry shop competing with the very well-known Sweet Life Pastries, I think Noisette has been extremely successful in its exposure through local media and social media.  Its customers rave it about in local newspapers and even on YouTube.  Even though it may not have the huge name like its highly known competitor, I think Noisette Pastry Kitchen will continue to grow and continue to satisfy its customers.


The Lounge Wine Bar


The Lounge wine bar is a brand new wine bar located in downtown Eugene.  The original grand opening was the day the huge snowstorm hit Eugene.  The several inches of snow deterred people from attending the opening of the new wine bar.  Despite the large amounts of snow, the general manager of The Lounge said that nearly 80 people trekked through the snow and attended the grand opening.

In order to make a better impression on the Eugene community and surrounding businesses, The Lounge decided to make its second grand opening on Valentine’s Day.  I believe that having a second grand opening is a good strategic move for the new wine bar, especially on Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day is full of couples wanting to try new places and I think this wine bar opening was a great opportunity.  The elegance and sophistication of The Lounge would attract a lot of couples on this holiday to make the second grand opening successful.

According to the Daily Emerald, The Lounge brings the experience of attending a vineyard in an urban area.  The wine bar brings the feel of a Napa vineyard with a downtown San Francisco feel to it, according to Robert Stryk, the founder of Pyrenees Vineyards.  The Lounge sells a large variety of Pyrenees wines and champagnes, multiple local beers, and a selection of cocktails.

The Lounge wine bar has the potential to become a popular spot for the Eugene community.  There are definitely some steps The Lounge can take to make the new wine bar a great success.

One step The Lounge could take is to exposure itself more on the Internet and social media.  After finding this article on the Daily Emerald website I attempted to research more on the new wine bar.  Unfortunately I found absolutely nothing.  I found no social media, no Yelp pages, and not even a Yellow Page listing.  This lack of exposure on the Web could be detrimental to the business.  I could not even find a street address for The Lounge.  The lack of information provided is working against the new wine bar.  When potential customers cannot even find an address, it can cause major problems.

Another step that can be taken is creating promotional flyers and placing them on University of Oregon campus and in local breweries, like the Bier Stein.  Maybe visitors of the Bier Stein see a flyer for this new wine bar and go try it the next week.  Any sort of promotion can be beneficial for The Lounge.

These small steps and any other promotional ideas can only help The Lounge and bring in new customers.  The current lack of exposure is only working against The Lounge but is these small steps are taken; the wine bar can only go up from here.

Infographic Blog Post

For my public relations class I created an infographic to represent the Oregon brewing industry.  I was interested in creating an infographic on the beer industry in Oregon because I have always been interested in becoming a public relations professional within the food and beverage industry.  Beer brewing has been a growing fad especially in the state of Oregon.  I started my infographic with basic facts about the state of Oregon and how the beer industry impacts them and gradually moved into the specifics of Eugene.

I find infographic extremely valuable because a lot of people are more visually learners and can retain more information in graphic form than in paragraph form.  Many visual learners need graphics because it makes it easier for them to picture what it being stated, shows a different perspective, and put images to the facts being stated.  People remember graphics and large numbers rather than bulky paragraphs full of numbers and statistics (Learning Styles Online).  It is important for public relations professionals to use visuals to get their point across.  According to a Forbes article, 90 percent of all information recalled by individuals is based on visual impact (Haselmayr).  Lastly, infographics are easily shareable through the web.  Infographics can be shared online a blog, on social media, or a personal/business website (Costill).

Tips for creating an infographic:

  • Start with research: It is extremely helpful to know all the facts and statistics about your topic before attempting to start creating it.  Your infographic will end up displaying its information more effectively for its audience.
  • Look at some examples: Creating your first infographic is a struggle.  You have no idea where to start so looking at examples on Google or other search engines is extremely helpful to get an idea of what it should or could look like.
  • Think about the visual side: While looking up facts you want to include, think how that information could be displayed visually appealing.  Although there could be some very good facts to include, it is does not work in a visual manner it may not flow in the infographic.

Below you can see the infographic I created for my journalism class:


The New Bistro Everyone Must Try

Porcellino’s Bistro

Porcellino Bistro

I first heard about this brand new bistro in the Eugene University district after checking my Facebook this morning.  The Daily Emerald posted an article this morning reviewing the new hip restaurant. Porcellino’s Bistro is a locally owned Italian bistro, which is located at 12th and Patterson.  This new bistro offers sit down meal services as well as on the go eating.

Porcellino’s opened January 20, 2014 and is already receiving rave reviews on Yelp!  Although there are only three reviews on the site currently, no one has a bad thing to say about the bistro.

The article featured in the Daily Emerald also provided admiring reviews of the new bistro.  The article complements not only the food but also raved about the atmosphere.  From its trending décor to its soothing navy blue walls to the alternative music playing in the background, Porcellino’s is bound to be a new hot spot of Eugene.  The bistro uses the freshest ingredients.  Its foccacia is baked daily, have award-winning Rogue Creamery’s Oregonzola cheese, and even have its prosciutto imported from Italy.

Porcellino’s does not have its own website at the time.  Right now they heavily rely on its Facebook page and Yelp reviews.  This is an unusual tactic for small businesses in Eugene.  Most places usually have a large website presence (its own website) and uses social media sites as a secondary source of getting information out.

The Facebook page Porcellino’s uses to promote itself it indeed very thorough and proves a lot of information to the visitors of the page.  The Facebook page provides the hours and the days of the week it is open, what foods are available, what major credit cards they take, parking information, and even a little background on the owners and cooks.  Most of this information would be provided on the business’ website but since there currently is not one all the information needed is available on Facebook.  Not only is basic information provided but Porcellino’s posts Facebook statuses (sometimes including pictures) of the daily special or soup of the day.  I think this is an excellent tactic because if browsing through a Facebook feed and see a picture that looks unbelievably delicious at a low price, it may attract more people to go in that day and keep coming back.

This brand new Italian bistro may be small and unknown in Eugene for now but with the continuation of excellent food, service, and atmosphere I think this place is going to skyrocket.  There are not a lot of affordable Italian bistros near campus so the market is all Porcellino’s.

New Transportation to Local Breweries

Pacific Pub Cycle is a new service that has recently come to Eugene.  Previously, it was only in our neighboring and rival city Corvallis, but it now has moved over to Eugene.  Pacific Pub Cycle is a multi-passenger, community pedaled bike that travels from brewery to brewery in Eugene.  The Eugene service visits Ninkasi, Oakshire, Hop Valley, The Tap and Growler, Steelhead, Fifth Street Public Market, and Territorial Vineyards and Wine Company.


Similar to this bike pub service have been available for some time now in Portland.  BrewCycle is the most popular brewery cycling service offered in Portland.  There are multiple different bikes holding from 10 to 15 people at a time.  All passengers on the bike face each other and travel the streets of Portland on this bike partying the day away.  There is no drinking on the bike but they take you from brewery to brewery so there is really no need.

I think Pacific Pub Cycle is an excellent idea to bring to Eugene.  Eugene has been growing in breweries in the past couples years and I think a service like this would attract a lot of people (particularly college students turning 21).  Not only are the breweries becoming more and more popular, Eugene known for being green so instead of driving from location to location, biking is the next best solution.


Being in Eugene for four years, and being over 21 for two years, I am surprised I had no idea a service like this was available in Eugene.  I always knew about the BrewCycle in Portland and had always wanted to try it.  Knowing that a similar bicycle service is located in Eugene is great news but it should be promoted more.  I am sure there are plenty of people who had no idea this was available so close to campus.

Pacific Pub Cycle does currently have a Facebook but it is lacking exposure.  Currently it only has around 500 likes, which is not a lot for the site.  This is a great business that could be way more successful with the use of social media promotion.  The Twitter page they currently use only has 8 followers. Pacific Pub Cycle needs to use social media to its advantage.  Not many people know a business like this exists in Eugene and social media could only improve its exposure.  Pacific Pub Cycle could potentially be extremely popular but its lack of exposure and promotion is holding back the success of the business.

Tap & Growler

Growlers are glass or ceramic jugs used at breweries or pubs for customers to take home beer.  It is essentially a form of “take-out” beer for visitors of the brewery or pub.  This is a up and coming trend in the Eugene University area.  In the recent years, there have been several places that have opened that offer the filling the growlers.


The Tap and Growlers is a new restaurant and pub off Pearl Street in Eugene that offers these growlers.  One thing that separates this place from the other pubs offering growlers is that beer is not the only beverage on tap.  Wine is also available on tap to the customers.  According to the Tap and Growler website they offer beer, wine, cider, mead, kombucha, cold brewed espresso, craft soda, sake, and craft root beer all on tap.  The place is a great place for friends to get drinks and is also kid friendly, offering soda on tap.

The Tap and Growler is a local Eugene pub that has something more to offer than any of the other similar businesses surrounding it according to an article in Eugene Daily.  The Tap and Growler is the first Eugene pub to sell malt beverages, including wine and cider in containers to customers.  Now it allows wine enthusiasts to enjoy their beverages just as beer fanatics have been doing for years.  This unique service the Tap and Growler offers should be promoted to the public of Eugene as much as possible, particularly through social media platforms.

Since the Tap and Growler is a recently opened restaurant and pub, I think they could improve its social media.  As of right now, they have a presence of Facebook and Twitter.  Its Facebook page has about 1,700 likes and looks like they post at least one to two times a week.  I think this is a good start but they should include events they have the restaurant to post them on its social media. The Tap and Growlers website has an event calendar and I think promoting these events on social media could potentially bring in more people for these events.


The Tap and Growlers Twitter page on the other hand needs a decent amount of work.  It only has around 180 followers.  Twitter is a more prevalent social media platform and Tap and Growler could be using this more to its advantage.  I think using Twitter can bring in more customers and could help them hold more events in its facility.

The Tap and Growler is a very new place in Eugene and I think has potential to be even more successful than it already is.  By vamping up the social media presence and promoting its exclusive services, the Tap and Growler will continue to grow in popularity in Eugene.

Dutch Bros. Coffee

To stay on the coffee theme for this week, I decided to focus my second blog of the week of Dutch Bros Coffee.  Dutch Bros was founded in Southern Oregon in 1992 and is currently the country’s largest privately owned drive-thru coffee business.  This small privately owned business that started with one location in Grants Pass, Ore. has now grown into nearly 200 locations throughout Oregon, California, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, and Arizona.

Dutch Bros Coffee’s success is due to several different tactics they used to grow: the company’s unbelievable customer service, the huge social media presence, its consistent promotional events, and its good communication with its publics.

It is a known fact when you arrive to a Dutch Bros drive-thru window (or walk up window) you will be receiving friendly, enthusiastic workers curious about your day and well-being.  According to Yahoo Finance, Dutch Bros. was ranked the highest in customer satisfaction in 2012.  They were ranked this award from J.D. Power and Associated and received the highest customer service compared to the other coffee companies in the 2012 Specialty Coffee Retailer Satisfaction Report.  This is a great award for a private company to own.  It shows where the company believes its importance lies, which is and always should be with the customers.  Travis Boersma, the president and co-founder, said about the award “This recognition is a demonstration of that philosophy, and shows how much our amazing employees truly care about the people we serve.”  Stressing and implementing the importance of customer service allows people to have a pleasant experience and want to come back for more.

Dutch Bros. utilizes the available social media platforms to the fullest as well to attract people to its coffee locations.  It uses Facebook and Twitter pages for promotion of events, staying in contact with customers, and informing the new flavors in the locations.  Although they use these social media site very well, I think Dutch Bros. could create an Instagram account to reach out to customers.  Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms in the world right now and could be used in the advantage for companies such as Dutch Bros.


The chain coffee company also does a great job attracting customers through promotional events.  When arriving on location they hand out paper flyers with events coming up soon.  Sometimes even a calendar is handed out with multiple events and promotions on the calendar.  This is a great tactic to keep current customers and attract new customers.  One good example, during finals week each term they offer one to two times a week any coffee (any size) for $2.  This is a great way to attract new customers (particularly students trying to stay awake while studying).

I think Dutch Bros. Coffee Company does a great job communicating with its customers.  The company uses social media outlets, paper flyers, and their own website to communicate with its publics.  On its website, there is constantly press releases on new locations opening or any exciting accomplishments achieved at any of the specific locations.  When looking at the website, the company consistently is posting news releases and information about what is happening in within the company.  Dutch Bros. Coffee Company’s excellent customer service, great use of social media, promotions and discount events, and constant communication with its publics allowed the company to grow to its success it has today.  I believe if the company continues with its good habits and tactics, the company will continue to grow and become an even bigger success.


Eugene Coffee Company


Eugene Coffee Company is another small local business that has made major location changes.  The local Eugene business moved from Chambers Street closer to the University on 17th Avenue.  I believe the location move was a good strategic move for Eugene Coffee Company.  The coffee shop had great success in its previously location and the move to the University district I think will bring it even more success.  The University district is highly populated and full of highly caffeinated college students.  Although Starbucks is a huge chain with multiple locations in the district, true coffee lovers will be attracted to a small, local business for a good cup of joe rather than a huge corporation.

Eugene Coffee Company did an excellent job informing its loyal customers that there has been a change in locations.  The company utilized its social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, to keep the customers up-to-date with its events and its move.  The small coffee company also used Yelp to let people know they moved to the University district and an announcement on their website.  I thought the coffee business did a good job, using every platform possible to inform people that they small business has moved.

According to the Eugene Coffee Company website and an article in Eugene Daily News, the business has more to offer than just great coffee and pastries.  Throughout the months of January and February, Eugene Coffee Company offers barista lessons in its shop.  In these barista lessons, they learn to cashier properly, provide customer service, learn about fair trade and local buying, work along current barista’s at Eugene Coffee Company, take orders and serve customers, take the food handler’s card test, and valuable interview skills.  I believe this is a great ploy to get more people to come into the coffee shop.  Many people, including college students, look for jobs on and around campus and many require barista skills.  Having these lessons available can bring in a lot of customers and profits into the local coffee shop.

The coffee not only provides barista classes but also monthly events including Silent Coffee, which is a monthly gathering for persons who use sign language as their primary language and others who are interested in learning the language, and Women’s Coffee Club, which is a club which rotates around different coffee shops around the community as a way for women to meet and socialize.  Events like these also bring in a lot of new customers and money for the small business.

I think that the Eugene Coffee Company uses a lot of good tactics to promote its business, including its new location near the University of Oregon.  They use social media and website posts to keep in contact with its customers.  Living across the street from this newly located coffee shop, I constantly see people in the shop and see the success growing as more people find out about its location.

Ninkasi Public Relations Team


It was exactly one year ago when I was sitting in my very first public relations class not knowing what I wanted to do with my life.  I knew I had an interest in public relations but I had no idea which field I was interested in, if I wanted to work in house or at a company, or really any direction I wanted to go in.  It was in that class a few weeks later when our professor, Kelli Matthews, brought in a guest speaker which changed my entire perspective.

Kelli brought in multiple guest speakers throughout the term who had professional experience in the pubic relations field.  The Ninkasi Brewery public relations team was the guest speakers that I was most fascinated in.  They seemed so enthusiastic and talked about how much they enjoyed their job.  It was inspiring and it was what drew me to working in an in-house public relations team, particularly in the food and beverage industry.

Ninkasi Brewery started in mid June 2006 in Springfield, Ore. when two friends, Nikos and Jamie, teamed up to start their own brewery.  Nikos had a strong background in finance and Jamie had the beer brewing touch.  Ninkasi Brewery moved to its current location in Eugene, Ore. and they continue to expand.  The current brewery features a 55-barrel brewing system and distributes beers to Alaska, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and British Colombia.  Its success has grown due to the tactics the Ninkasi public relations team used to promote the up and coming brewery.

One particular position the Ninkasi public relations team offered was the Social Marketing Coordinator (SMC).  The position holder is responsible for posting, monitoring, and facilitating the brewery’s social media websites.  They are responsible to keep up with the trends and implement new social media ideas in line with Ninkasi’s key values.  It is also in their job description to maintain consistency of the brand across all social media platforms, respond to comments and questions from fans, and optimizing news releases for search engines and social media consumption.


Being a frequent follower of the Ninkasi Brewery, I think the public relations team does an excellent job with the use of their social media and blog.  Ninkasi Facebook page posts pictures, promotional flyers, the reveal of new seasonal beers, and status’ updating their fans.  The Twitter page is also very beneficial for the promotional for the brewery.  They constantly respond to fans that tweet to them and post tweets about all the upcoming events.  Ninkasi even has an Instagram account, which posts pictures of fans at the brewery, new beers being brewed, and Ninkasi workers hard at work.

Ninkasi not only utilizes the social media platforms available to them but they also use their website to their benefit.  A blog is featured on the Ninkasi website about the new beers being released or any awards that have been won by them recently (for example they won Eugene’s best brewery in 2013).  All these tactics the public relations team has helped Ninkasi grow to the brewery it is today.  It started out as a 15-barrel brewery in Springfield and now it has grown to hold up to 55-barrels in Eugene.  This success is all to the use of social media and promotion and gaining the trust and love from the local Eugene community.

Uly’s: the Cure to Drunchies


Uly’s started out in 2009 as a taco shack parked right off the entrance of University of Oregon campus.  It is strategically located outside the campus bars in order to attract the students struggling with the drunken munchies.  The founder and owner, Keith, strategically only has his taco shack open on the weekend from 10 in the evening until about 3 in the morning.

Uly’s Taco Shack uses its social media platforms extremely well to promote its taco truck and offer deals to its interested parties.  Uly’s uses its Facebook page to let consumers know when the shack is open, what food is being offered that night, and any contest or promotions going on.  There is also an area on the Facebook page for people to write reviews and it is displayed for all who view the Facebook site.  I think its excellent use of Facebook has helped increase its sales.  Everyone who attends the university knows that Uly’s is open on the weekends and sometimes Uly’s uses social media to inform consumers that the shack is open certain days during the week.  According to the Daily Emerald, Uly’s Taco Shack was voted best food cart in Eugene last year.

The big success of the local taco truck just outside the University of Oregon campus has led to the expansion of this small company.  Since it’s opening, Uly’s has opened a second truck in the downtown district of Eugene, which has also become very successful.  Not only has a second truck opened, now Uly’s is its own restaurant located in Gresham, Ore. which is just outside of Portland.  This small taco shack started on the University of Oregon campus became a huge sensation and grew to a full restaurant.  Through this full restaurant, a catering service can be provided.  I think the use of social media and the rave reviews received form fans helped to build Uly’s to where it is today.

Because the use of Facebook was so beneficial for Uly’s, I believe they should expand the social media use.  The addition of a Twitter and Instagram account could help build Uly’s even more.  Uly’s has done a great job promoting its small taco stand and I think it could potentially grow even more.  The amount of success this small business has had is amazing and could only keep growing from here.