Dutch Bros. Coffee

To stay on the coffee theme for this week, I decided to focus my second blog of the week of Dutch Bros Coffee.  Dutch Bros was founded in Southern Oregon in 1992 and is currently the country’s largest privately owned drive-thru coffee business.  This small privately owned business that started with one location in Grants Pass, Ore. has now grown into nearly 200 locations throughout Oregon, California, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, and Arizona.

Dutch Bros Coffee’s success is due to several different tactics they used to grow: the company’s unbelievable customer service, the huge social media presence, its consistent promotional events, and its good communication with its publics.

It is a known fact when you arrive to a Dutch Bros drive-thru window (or walk up window) you will be receiving friendly, enthusiastic workers curious about your day and well-being.  According to Yahoo Finance, Dutch Bros. was ranked the highest in customer satisfaction in 2012.  They were ranked this award from J.D. Power and Associated and received the highest customer service compared to the other coffee companies in the 2012 Specialty Coffee Retailer Satisfaction Report.  This is a great award for a private company to own.  It shows where the company believes its importance lies, which is and always should be with the customers.  Travis Boersma, the president and co-founder, said about the award “This recognition is a demonstration of that philosophy, and shows how much our amazing employees truly care about the people we serve.”  Stressing and implementing the importance of customer service allows people to have a pleasant experience and want to come back for more.

Dutch Bros. utilizes the available social media platforms to the fullest as well to attract people to its coffee locations.  It uses Facebook and Twitter pages for promotion of events, staying in contact with customers, and informing the new flavors in the locations.  Although they use these social media site very well, I think Dutch Bros. could create an Instagram account to reach out to customers.  Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms in the world right now and could be used in the advantage for companies such as Dutch Bros.


The chain coffee company also does a great job attracting customers through promotional events.  When arriving on location they hand out paper flyers with events coming up soon.  Sometimes even a calendar is handed out with multiple events and promotions on the calendar.  This is a great tactic to keep current customers and attract new customers.  One good example, during finals week each term they offer one to two times a week any coffee (any size) for $2.  This is a great way to attract new customers (particularly students trying to stay awake while studying).

I think Dutch Bros. Coffee Company does a great job communicating with its customers.  The company uses social media outlets, paper flyers, and their own website to communicate with its publics.  On its website, there is constantly press releases on new locations opening or any exciting accomplishments achieved at any of the specific locations.  When looking at the website, the company consistently is posting news releases and information about what is happening in within the company.  Dutch Bros. Coffee Company’s excellent customer service, great use of social media, promotions and discount events, and constant communication with its publics allowed the company to grow to its success it has today.  I believe if the company continues with its good habits and tactics, the company will continue to grow and become an even bigger success.



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