Tap & Growler

Growlers are glass or ceramic jugs used at breweries or pubs for customers to take home beer.  It is essentially a form of “take-out” beer for visitors of the brewery or pub.  This is a up and coming trend in the Eugene University area.  In the recent years, there have been several places that have opened that offer the filling the growlers.


The Tap and Growlers is a new restaurant and pub off Pearl Street in Eugene that offers these growlers.  One thing that separates this place from the other pubs offering growlers is that beer is not the only beverage on tap.  Wine is also available on tap to the customers.  According to the Tap and Growler website they offer beer, wine, cider, mead, kombucha, cold brewed espresso, craft soda, sake, and craft root beer all on tap.  The place is a great place for friends to get drinks and is also kid friendly, offering soda on tap.

The Tap and Growler is a local Eugene pub that has something more to offer than any of the other similar businesses surrounding it according to an article in Eugene Daily.  The Tap and Growler is the first Eugene pub to sell malt beverages, including wine and cider in containers to customers.  Now it allows wine enthusiasts to enjoy their beverages just as beer fanatics have been doing for years.  This unique service the Tap and Growler offers should be promoted to the public of Eugene as much as possible, particularly through social media platforms.

Since the Tap and Growler is a recently opened restaurant and pub, I think they could improve its social media.  As of right now, they have a presence of Facebook and Twitter.  Its Facebook page has about 1,700 likes and looks like they post at least one to two times a week.  I think this is a good start but they should include events they have the restaurant to post them on its social media. The Tap and Growlers website has an event calendar and I think promoting these events on social media could potentially bring in more people for these events.


The Tap and Growlers Twitter page on the other hand needs a decent amount of work.  It only has around 180 followers.  Twitter is a more prevalent social media platform and Tap and Growler could be using this more to its advantage.  I think using Twitter can bring in more customers and could help them hold more events in its facility.

The Tap and Growler is a very new place in Eugene and I think has potential to be even more successful than it already is.  By vamping up the social media presence and promoting its exclusive services, the Tap and Growler will continue to grow in popularity in Eugene.


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