New Transportation to Local Breweries

Pacific Pub Cycle is a new service that has recently come to Eugene.  Previously, it was only in our neighboring and rival city Corvallis, but it now has moved over to Eugene.  Pacific Pub Cycle is a multi-passenger, community pedaled bike that travels from brewery to brewery in Eugene.  The Eugene service visits Ninkasi, Oakshire, Hop Valley, The Tap and Growler, Steelhead, Fifth Street Public Market, and Territorial Vineyards and Wine Company.


Similar to this bike pub service have been available for some time now in Portland.  BrewCycle is the most popular brewery cycling service offered in Portland.  There are multiple different bikes holding from 10 to 15 people at a time.  All passengers on the bike face each other and travel the streets of Portland on this bike partying the day away.  There is no drinking on the bike but they take you from brewery to brewery so there is really no need.

I think Pacific Pub Cycle is an excellent idea to bring to Eugene.  Eugene has been growing in breweries in the past couples years and I think a service like this would attract a lot of people (particularly college students turning 21).  Not only are the breweries becoming more and more popular, Eugene known for being green so instead of driving from location to location, biking is the next best solution.


Being in Eugene for four years, and being over 21 for two years, I am surprised I had no idea a service like this was available in Eugene.  I always knew about the BrewCycle in Portland and had always wanted to try it.  Knowing that a similar bicycle service is located in Eugene is great news but it should be promoted more.  I am sure there are plenty of people who had no idea this was available so close to campus.

Pacific Pub Cycle does currently have a Facebook but it is lacking exposure.  Currently it only has around 500 likes, which is not a lot for the site.  This is a great business that could be way more successful with the use of social media promotion.  The Twitter page they currently use only has 8 followers. Pacific Pub Cycle needs to use social media to its advantage.  Not many people know a business like this exists in Eugene and social media could only improve its exposure.  Pacific Pub Cycle could potentially be extremely popular but its lack of exposure and promotion is holding back the success of the business.


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