The New Bistro Everyone Must Try

Porcellino’s Bistro

Porcellino Bistro

I first heard about this brand new bistro in the Eugene University district after checking my Facebook this morning.  The Daily Emerald posted an article this morning reviewing the new hip restaurant. Porcellino’s Bistro is a locally owned Italian bistro, which is located at 12th and Patterson.  This new bistro offers sit down meal services as well as on the go eating.

Porcellino’s opened January 20, 2014 and is already receiving rave reviews on Yelp!  Although there are only three reviews on the site currently, no one has a bad thing to say about the bistro.

The article featured in the Daily Emerald also provided admiring reviews of the new bistro.  The article complements not only the food but also raved about the atmosphere.  From its trending décor to its soothing navy blue walls to the alternative music playing in the background, Porcellino’s is bound to be a new hot spot of Eugene.  The bistro uses the freshest ingredients.  Its foccacia is baked daily, have award-winning Rogue Creamery’s Oregonzola cheese, and even have its prosciutto imported from Italy.

Porcellino’s does not have its own website at the time.  Right now they heavily rely on its Facebook page and Yelp reviews.  This is an unusual tactic for small businesses in Eugene.  Most places usually have a large website presence (its own website) and uses social media sites as a secondary source of getting information out.

The Facebook page Porcellino’s uses to promote itself it indeed very thorough and proves a lot of information to the visitors of the page.  The Facebook page provides the hours and the days of the week it is open, what foods are available, what major credit cards they take, parking information, and even a little background on the owners and cooks.  Most of this information would be provided on the business’ website but since there currently is not one all the information needed is available on Facebook.  Not only is basic information provided but Porcellino’s posts Facebook statuses (sometimes including pictures) of the daily special or soup of the day.  I think this is an excellent tactic because if browsing through a Facebook feed and see a picture that looks unbelievably delicious at a low price, it may attract more people to go in that day and keep coming back.

This brand new Italian bistro may be small and unknown in Eugene for now but with the continuation of excellent food, service, and atmosphere I think this place is going to skyrocket.  There are not a lot of affordable Italian bistros near campus so the market is all Porcellino’s.


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