The Lounge Wine Bar


The Lounge wine bar is a brand new wine bar located in downtown Eugene.  The original grand opening was the day the huge snowstorm hit Eugene.  The several inches of snow deterred people from attending the opening of the new wine bar.  Despite the large amounts of snow, the general manager of The Lounge said that nearly 80 people trekked through the snow and attended the grand opening.

In order to make a better impression on the Eugene community and surrounding businesses, The Lounge decided to make its second grand opening on Valentine’s Day.  I believe that having a second grand opening is a good strategic move for the new wine bar, especially on Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day is full of couples wanting to try new places and I think this wine bar opening was a great opportunity.  The elegance and sophistication of The Lounge would attract a lot of couples on this holiday to make the second grand opening successful.

According to the Daily Emerald, The Lounge brings the experience of attending a vineyard in an urban area.  The wine bar brings the feel of a Napa vineyard with a downtown San Francisco feel to it, according to Robert Stryk, the founder of Pyrenees Vineyards.  The Lounge sells a large variety of Pyrenees wines and champagnes, multiple local beers, and a selection of cocktails.

The Lounge wine bar has the potential to become a popular spot for the Eugene community.  There are definitely some steps The Lounge can take to make the new wine bar a great success.

One step The Lounge could take is to exposure itself more on the Internet and social media.  After finding this article on the Daily Emerald website I attempted to research more on the new wine bar.  Unfortunately I found absolutely nothing.  I found no social media, no Yelp pages, and not even a Yellow Page listing.  This lack of exposure on the Web could be detrimental to the business.  I could not even find a street address for The Lounge.  The lack of information provided is working against the new wine bar.  When potential customers cannot even find an address, it can cause major problems.

Another step that can be taken is creating promotional flyers and placing them on University of Oregon campus and in local breweries, like the Bier Stein.  Maybe visitors of the Bier Stein see a flyer for this new wine bar and go try it the next week.  Any sort of promotion can be beneficial for The Lounge.

These small steps and any other promotional ideas can only help The Lounge and bring in new customers.  The current lack of exposure is only working against The Lounge but is these small steps are taken; the wine bar can only go up from here.


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